Flag of the country where ECRIS provides the Lithuanian criminal record check.Lithuanian criminal record check

Source of information: Institutional Register of Suspected, Accused and Convicted Persons
Local name: Įtariamų, Kaltinamų ir Teistų Asmenų Žinybinio Registro Duomenų Apie Fizinį Asmenį
International information exchange department name:
(name appearing in the certificate)
The Information Technology and Communications Department under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania


Information revealed in the certificate:

Type of conviction

  • Several offences, felonies
  • Minor offences, misdemeanors
  • Juvenal punishemnt convictions

Information on the penalty

  • Type of penalty
  • Penalty suspension, probation or parole

Covarage: Nationwide
Time scope: Up to 10 years back
Certificate format: EU template
(Original certificate issued in Polish and its English translation)
Turnaround time (based on data from the last three months): 5 - 13 (average 9) business days
Price: 79 GBP
Comments: Due to the manner in which the Lithuanian Criminal Register process the applications, all 'clear' certificates concerning non-Lithuanian citizens appear as 'rejected'. Information on lack of convictions appears in the comments section, at the bottom of the certificate. Certificates disclosing actual convictions are issued in a regular format.
Lithuanian criminal record check provided by European Criminal Record Information Services.