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Show them what you’ve got!

Let your immaculate criminal history play to your advantage when you apply for that job.

Employers will value your proactive approach just as much they value the piece of mind taking on staff with clear criminal background gives.

Presenting your own criminal record check is especially appreciated in the countries, where local law prevents employers from requesting job applicants to undergo criminal records screening, as well as in the industries, where employing pre-screened staff is essential for the business security.

Simply by ordering your criminal background check and demonstrating your clear criminal history you can get ahead of  the competition in a smart and efficient way.

The service was created specifically for job seekers intending to use their criminal record certificate for employment purposes, however, this form may be used by individuals requesting their own criminal record check for any reason.

How it works?

1 Order the certificate using the below Job Seeker’s Order Form and await our instructions.

2 Post out hand-signed authorisation forms to our regional office.

3 Complete the payment through a bank transfer, credit/debit card or PayPal.

4 Once the check is completed we email you the PDF report, and optionally, post the hard copy certificate.


Notice: Although our certificates provide the same quantity and quality of information as the ones issued  directly by national criminal record bureaus, some government agencies may question it, as not fulfilling formal requirements. If you are ordering your criminal record check for visa, immigration, residence permit or other official purposes, it is advised you checked beforehand with relevant authorities if the ECRIS report is acceptable for the intended purpose. 

The countries marked with an asterisk (*) would disclose information on their own citizens only. To order the pan-European Union criminal record check covering all the European Union countries at once, a CRC covering Finland or Ireland, or if you were unable to order your nationwide criminal record check through this form due to the citizenship limitation, use the European Union criminal record check Order Form.

Job Seeker's Order Form

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The below form collects the information necessary to apply for the Criminal Record Certificate. The inquiry’s legal basis is the National Criminal Register Act, which determines the broad scope of personal details sought from the applicant. It is also to protect you from obtaining a ‘false positive’, i.e. a certificate showing someone else’s records. The address is used for formal and billing purposes only and does not affect the search results.

Provide your personal details:

First Name*:
Second and further names:
Surname at birth (nee / maiden):(if other than current surname)
Date of birth*:
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Upload or email us a scan or a digital picture of your ID with a visible specimen of your signature.
This is used only to verify your identity and your signature. We recommend ereasing or blacking out any parts of the document other than your forename, surname, ID number and your signature specimen.

We can only initiate the check after receiving a clear picture / scan of your ID.