Flag of the country where ECRIS provides the Cypriot criminal record check.Cypriot criminal record check

Source of information: Criminal Record Office of the Criminal Investigations Office (part of the Cyprus Police)
Local name: Ποινικό μητρώ
International information exchange department name:
(name appearing in the certificate)
Chief of Police (Cyprus)

Information revealed in the certificate:

Type of conviction

  • Several offences, felonies
  • Minor offences, misdemeanors
  • Juvenal punishemnt convictions

Information on the penalty

  • Type of penalty
  • Penalty suspension, probation or parole

Covarage: Nationwide
Time scope: Up to 10 years back
Certificate format: EU template
(Original certificate issued in Polish and its English translation)
Turnaround time (based on data from the last three months): Service currently unavailable
Price: 79 GBP
Comments: Cypriot criminal records check is limited to Cypriot citizens only. 

Currently this service is suspended, as the Cypriot criminal register ignores our applications. You can place the order with no guarantee the certificate would be obtained.

Cypriot criminal record check provided by European Criminal Record Information Services.