Flag of the country where ECRIS provides the Bulgarian criminal record check.Bulgarian criminal record check

Source of information: Central Office of Criminal Records at the Ministry of Justice
Local name: Министерство на правосъдието, Централно бюро “Съдимост”
International information exchange department name:
(name appearing in the certificate)
Central Bureau “Criminal Record” (Bulgaria)

Information revealed in the certificate:

Type of conviction

  • Several offences, felonies
  • Minor offences, misdemeanors
  • Juvenal punishemnt convictions

Information on the penalty

  • Type of penalty
  • Penalty suspension, probation or parole

Coverage: Nationwide
Time scope: Up to 20 years back
Certificate format: EU template
(Original certificate issued in Polish and its English translation)
Turnaround time (based on data from the last three months): 5 - 15 (average 11) business days
Price: 79 GBP
Comments: Please note it is common for the Bulgarian administration to treat grammar and spelling in the official documentation lightly. As a result, the Bulgarian criminal record certificates we receive tend to include misspelt names. As this part of the process is beyond our control we cannot take accountability for such mistakes and the certificate received is considered valid as it is. Whenever spelling mistakes occur our report includes the application form filed to the National Criminal Register as evidence the check was conducted against the correct personal data.
Bulgarian authorities may occasionally reject applications filed for non-Bulgarian citizens (full refund applies).
Bulgarian criminal record check provided by European Criminal Record Information Services.