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Show them what you've got!

Let your immaculate criminal history play to your advantage when you apply for that job.

Employers value your proactive approach just as much as their piece of mind. Taking on staff with clear criminal backgrounds takes a huge burden off their shoulders.

Presenting your own criminal record check is especially appreciated in the countries, where local law prevents employers from requesting job applicants to undergo criminal records screening, as well as in the industries, where employing pre-screened staff is essential for the business security.

Simply by ordering your criminal background check and demonstrating your clear criminal history you can get ahead of  the competition in a smart and efficient way.

How it works?

1 Order the certificate in the below Candidate Order Form

2 Complete the payment through a bank transfer, PayPal or common credit and debit cards.

3 Once the certificate is complete, you will receive the report via email or by post.

If the employer questions the certificate authenticity due to the report being provided via a job candidate we are happy to email the ECRIS report on your behalf directly to the company you indicate.

Notice: Although our reports present same amount and quality of information that is revealed by local criminal record bureaus, various government agencies seeking criminal record certificates from the petitioners  may not accept it. If you are looking for a criminal record check for immigration purposes, please contact the relevant visa bureau beforehand to make sure the ECRIS reports is accepted.  

Advantage that performing a criminal background check on yourself can give you while applying for various positions.

Job Seeker's Order Form

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The below form collects the information necessary to apply for the Criminal Record Certificate. The inquiry’s legal basis is the National Criminal Register Act, which determines the broad scope of personal details sought from the applicant. It is also to protect you from obtaining a ‘false positive’, i.e. a certificate showing someone else’s records. Address and contact information is used for the billing purposes only and does not affect the search results.

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