With ECRIS it is:


For any European country its only 3 simple and quick steps to complete a criminal record check.


All certificates come from state governed central criminal record bureaus of EU member states.


We ensure certificates comply to all relevant EU and local regulations.

Criminal record check in 3 simple steps

Provide our simple form
to your applicant for completion.

Begin check by providing ECRIS
with a clear scan or a picture of the form.

Post the hard copy to ECRIS.

That's it!
Receive your report
via email or post.

How we obtain criminal record certificates

Application with subject’s details is submitted to the National Criminal Register (NCR).

NCR requests information on the subject from the country where the criminal record check is required.
Concerned country replies to the NCR providing information on any criminal record found.
NCR releases information on criminal convictions (or lack of thereof) in a form of a standardised ECRIS certificate.


How can I use the ECRIS certificate?

What are the benefits of using ECRIS?

How do we obtain the criminal records certificates?

What is the difference between a criminal record check and a criminal record certificate?

How long will it take to get a criminal record check completed?


About us

We are a specialist provider of European criminal records certificates .

Legislation varies across the EU which means that obtaining criminal record certificates in a compliant manner can be complicated, time consuming or even sometimes imposible. We discovered, that by utilising an EU program called European Criminal Records Information System, we can address all of that concerns and offer easy yet compliant access to the state-issued certificates.

We’re here to make obtaining criminal record checks quick and easy.